AE9000FW-1600BB SIGINT Disk Recorder

Rugged 1-channel 1.6 GHz Baseband Disk Recorder.
  • Single-channel, multi-mode analogue IF recorder
  • 3 GHz IF centre frequency
  • 1.6 GHz recording bandwidth
  • 8-bit recording mode
  • Optional input filtering
  • SPF/QSPF interface for comms.applications
  • 24 TB removable Disk Pack
  • Real-time FFT/waterfall display
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface
  • Data extraction direct to workstation/network or (optional) built-in Audavi media pack or LTO-5 tape drive
  • Support for community standard file formats
Avalon AE9000FW-1000 1 GHz Wideband SIGINT Disk Recorder

Avalon AE9000FW-1600BB 1.6 GHz Baseband SIGINT Disk Recorder.

Download AE9000FW-1600BB Disk Recorder datasheet now.

Download AE9000FW-1000 Disk Recorder datasheet now.

Download AE9000HW-500 Disk Recorder datasheet now.

Download AE9000-100/50/25/12 Disk Recorder datasheet now.

Download AE9000-50/25/12 Disk Recorder datasheet now.


The NEW Avalon AE9000FW-1600BB SIGINT Disk Recorder (above) is designed to record an analogue baseband signal at a bandwidth of up to 1.6 GHz. The upper half of the unit includes the Analogue signal processing electronics (to the rear) and supporting assemblies and sub-assemblies, including (left to right): LED indicators, USB Port, System Disk (removable), TOC (table of contents) Disk (removable) and Docking Port for a portable Archive Disk. Multi-channel data interfaces are also available

AE9000-FW series recorders also include an SPF/QSPF interface for networking communications, with support for both fibre optic and copper cable. Protocols supported (within the SPF/QSPF specification) include: Ethernet (10Gbits/s 40GBits/s), Fibre Channel and InfiniBand.

The lower half of the unit comprises the digital signal processing, power supply and a pair of removable Disk Packs containing the storage media. The baseline storage configuration comprises twelve 1 TB Multi-level Cell (MLC) solid-state disk drives (SSD) per Disk Pack, giving 24 TB of storage capacity in the most rugged possible package.

AE9000FW-1600BB digitises the analogue baseband output of a communications receiver at a sample rate of 3.2 GHz and a sampling depth of 12-bits. For optimum recording efficiency, the resulting digital sample stream is converted to 8-bit resolution for recording to disk.

The recorder is able to reconstruct the recorded digital samples and output these in their original analogue form. During Stop and Record, the output signal is derived from the Record Input Signal. During Play, the output is derived from the data stored on the disk system.

Unlike previous generations of Avalon disk recorders, AE9000FW-1600BB records data in a standard computer file format, thereby simplifying the selection and copying of critical sections of recorded data. Data selection typically takes place either at the Tables tab or at the Timeline tab. The user may elect to save extracted data to any of the following media targets: plug-in SATA Archive Disk Drive, attached USB memory device (if permitted), networked disk drive, RAID or SAN. Extracted data files can be saved with community-standard “attached” or “detached” headers.

Technical Specification (AE9000FW-1000)

Number of Channels:



ADC Sampling Frequency:

3.2 GHz.


RF Bandwidth:

1.6 GHz (8-bit mode).


Input Filtering:

High precision anti-alias filtering is optional.


ADC Resolution:

Sampling is at 12-bits. Note: In low resoluton recording mode, the four least significant bits are discarded by rounding after internal signal processing. 

Recording Depth:

8-bits (16-bits at half bandwidth optional).

Recording Data Rate:

3.2 GByte/sec.

Recording Duration:
(24 TB, no looping)

2 hours:

1.6 GHz BW, 8-bits

Spur-free Dynamic Range:

Greater than 40 dB (8-bit recording).

Max.Signal Level for FS recording:

10 to +10 dBm (typical) for full-scale recording.

Input Impedance:

50 Ohms (nominal).

Input Coupling:


Output Level:

0 dBm (typical) from full-scale recording.

Output Impedance:

50 Ohms (nominal).

Output Centre Frequency:

3 GHz.

Output Bandwidth:

1.6 GHz (8-bit mode).

Internal Reference Frequency:

10 MHz +/- 1 ppm after 10 minute warm-up. Note: The internal sampling oscillator is locked to this reference. This internal reference is available for use by other equipment.

External Reference Frequency:

10 MHz, +10 to +16 dBm, +/- 1 ppm or better to lock the internal reference.

Network Comms. Applications:

SPF/QSPF interface for networking communications. Support for fibre optic or copper cable. Protocols supported (within the SPF/QSPF specification) include Ethernet (10Gbits/s 40GBits/s), Fibre Channel and InfiniBand.

Data/Control Port:

1 Gb Ethernet (10 Gb Ethernet optional).

Storage Capacity (baseline):

24 TB (24 x 1 TB solid-state disk drives).Note: Other storage configurations (e.g. rotating media, long-life SSD, etc.) optional.

Media Life:

2,500 hours warranted minimum life at maximum bandwidth. Typical media life in excess of 10,000 hours.


85–240 VAC, 50- 60 Hz, 200VA nominal, 600 Watts. Auto-ranging.


Full-rack x 4u x 560 mm deep.  Weight 25 kg (typical)


EMC/RFI:  Designed to meet the applicable sections of MIL-STD-461.
Shock and Vibration Designed to conform to the applicable MIL-STD-810E and US Navy specifications. Similar products approved for flight on US Rivet Joint and other military and civilian turbo-jet and propeller aircraft.

System Control:

Stand-alone, fully-featured Avalon-designed GUI (graphical unser interface) running on an external laptop/PC (via Ethernet port).

Download AE9000FW-1000BB Disk Recorder datasheet now.

Download AE9000FW-1000 Disk Recorder datasheet now.

Download AE9000HW-500 Disk Recorder datasheet now.

Download AE9000-100/50/25/12 Disk Recorder datasheet now.

Download AE9000-50/25/12 Disk Recorder datasheet now.

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