AE8250-12-4 4-channel Baseband Disk Recorders

Compact 4 ch. x 12.5 MHz Baseband Disk Recorder

AE8250-12-4 is a compact disk recorder designed for critical wideband SIGINT data collection in a wide range of static and mobile operational environments.

AE8250-12-4 supports the following user-selectable record/play modes:

  • 4 ch. x 12.5, 6.25, 3.12 and 1.56 MHz recording bandwidths
  • Baseband mode only
  • +/-0.2 to 5 Vpk/pk input sensitivity
  • Direct-to-LTO-3 tape BACKUP/RESTORE facility

Avalon AE8250-series 50 MHz SIGINIT Disk Recorder

Avalon AE8250-12-4 Baseband SIGINT Disk Recorder.

4-channel Multi-mode SIGINT Recorder Features

AE8250-12-4 is a flexible four-channed recorder designed to support a range of critical baseband recording applications. The four synchronous wideband channels can record baseband (video) data at four user-selectable (common) bandwidths.

Download AE8250-12-4 Disk Recorder datasheet now.