AE8250-MM60 Disk Recorder (50 MHz)

Compact 14-bit 50 MHz SIGINT Disk Recorder with IF and baseband record/replay modes.

AE8250-MM60 is a compact, high resolution disk recorder designed for critical wideband SIGINT data collection in a wide range of static and mobile operational environments.

AE8250-MM60 supports the following user-selectable record/play modes:

  • 1 ch. x 50, 25, 12.5, 6.25, 3.12, 1.56 and 0.78 MHz recording bandwidths*
  • Choice of IF or baseband record/play Input/Output modes
  • Standard IFs (160, 140, 70, 60 and 21.4 MHz)
  • 14-bit recording*
  • -75 to +5 dB input range with AGC (IF mode)
  • Direct-to-LTO-3 tape BACKUP/RESTORE facility

Avalon AE8250-MM50 SIGINIT Disk Recorder

Avalon AE8250-MM60 wideband SIGINT Disk Recorder.

*8-bits in 50 MHz mode.

AE8250-MM 60 Single-channel Multi-mode SIGINT Disk Recorder Features:

AE8250-MM60 is a flexible single-channel, multi-mode recorder designed to support a range of baseband and IF recording applications:

Download AE8250-MM60 Disk Recorder datasheet now.

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